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New Figure Packs? And some other Stuff
Dunagrad Not to be impatient, but do you know when you will be adding the Wookie Warriors, Hired guns, and Trooper packs? Not sure if there's anything different with the trooper packs, but it'd be nice to start building lists with those guys. I know you're busy, so no pressure or anything.

Also not sure why your builder isn't getting more attention. I really like the fact that you have the full card with art for each. I also like the interface better than the IA-armies one.

However, one suggestion, might be to be able to preview the card before you add it to you list, rather than having to double-click, read, and then remove if you decide you don't want it.

Okay, I'm rambling at this point.

Thanks for your hard work!
Posted: Oct 15, 2015 06:47 AM
shnar I've been waiting for them to be released, but since they *are* released now, I do need to add them. I'll see if I can add them now.

And good ideas on the squad builder. Shouldn't be hard to add a on-mouse-hover for a small preview, and maybe a toggle to enable/disable preview.

Posted: Oct 21, 2015 10:34 AM
shnar They've been added :)

Posted: Nov 3, 2015 10:50 AM