The Jedi Holocron

"Jedi! May the Force be with you! I am Boda Baas, at your service. Boda-Baas knows all probable futures, from his time until a time lost in mists and shadows... I can help you!" is a place for all Star Wars gamers alike to meet together and expand the movie experience by participating in the games. We are offering new levels created specially for you to download for free, levels and scenarios designed to follow the spirit of the movies and encourage players to develop teamwork. Gaze into the Holocron to learn how to join and what can be expected afterwards.


First thing to do to join is register a character. Here you will find instructions on how to do so.

Personal Data Entry

Upon joining, your PDE will become your best friend, keeping you posted on all the latest events. Here are detailed intructions on how to use your PDE.

Online Interaction

The everchanging universe of is an interactive experience. See how all of this will be done.

"Jedi! Hear the words of Boda Baas!"

Remember, most of all, have fun! If Star Wars wasn't enjoyable, it wouldn't have grossed the millions it did! If this site is not up to your liking, let us know! Who knows, perhaps your small disturbance will be enough to get us to hone our skills and make a better world for us all.

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