Registering your character

"You must feel yourself in the Force."

Defining your character is one of the first things you will do upon joining To have access to all the wonderful add-ons, you will need to register your player, by following the steps outlined below when filling out the registration form.

Character Information

The first part of the registration form is your character information which includes your name, password and other items related to your character. Most items are self-explanatory, however picking your name is important. Chose a name that has a feel of the StarWars universe (such as Jak Stren, Obernan, Mar Thamon) but not an actual name from StarWars (as in Wedge Antilles, Han Solo, Crix Nandene) for these names are reserved and will not be allowed.

All of the information in the first part will be public to all players who wish to view your character's stats through the COMPNOR computer.

Player Information

The second part of the form is your own personal information including your name, e-mail address, etc. and on each item there is a check-box that will allow you to set these items visual so that when other players look you up, not only will they receive the Character Information, but also any of the checked 'Set Visual' items in the Player Information.

Text Areas

Next, there are two text areas to fill, the first one being a general message from you to all other players that will be viewing this character. The second one is a written description of how you view your character, and based off of this, will supply a picture of your character.

Register Me!

Finally, there are two buttons, one labeled 'Register Character' and 'Clear Form'. Pretty self-explanatory, the first sends the information to our database and the second clears the table, allowing you to re-enter the information.

Upon sending the registration form, you will be prompted for a conformation of your information, as well as telling you your name and password which you will need to remember in order to access This name and password will be the first word of the character name (if you used a two or three worded name) and the password you chose.

At any time later, in the PDE, you may request to change your character's and player's information as well as request a different picture.

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