P.ersonal D.ata E.ntry

"A jedi must learn and be in control!"

The PDE (Personal Data Entry) will soon become your best friend. The players of jediwars.com will often refer to their PDEs for updates on the latest Episodes, receptions of Transmissions and creation of new ones for other members of jediwars.com, and it is here where you can modify your character's page.

Galaxy Advertisements

At the top and bottom of your PDE is an advertisement from local groups in the galaxy. Sponsors and recruiting agencies will advertise there and they will of course be linked to their various sites.

The PDE Navigation Bar

There are four main aspects to your PDE, first being the front screen that you will see every time you connect. This front page will have highlights from both Galactic and Local news, and will also list your new Transmissions.

The second page is for your Transmissions. Members of jediwars.com will receive personal information from their organizations and other players via Transmissions and at this page, you can view your Transmissions, save and delete them, or compose new ones for other players. When you first join, you will receive Transmissions from the recruiting agencies of both the Empire and the Rebellion, which will detail how to contact them and join up.

On your PDE will also be the latest news. Galactic Reporters will keep you updated on the struggles the Empire is having and you will also revive a specialized report for your particular squadron/platoon.

You may also look at your character information here, text in Green being what other players can see, text in Yellow information about you as a player and text in Red is your personal, private information. There will also be a picture of your character. If any of the information needs changing, it is here that you can do it.

Current P.D.E. Information

All of the seen data is displayed in the middle, in between the Navigation Bars. When viewing your Transmissions, character information, or Galactic News, it will be seen here.

Exit Navigation Bar

These four buttons will allow you to leave your PDE. Clicking on the first will take you to your last location in the jediwars.com universe. Your first time on, it will take you no where, since you have been no where. Follow the exits from the recruiting Transmissions to start your adventure.

The other buttons will take you to jediwars.com's homepage, the current Original Episode's page, and the listing of other players, allowing you to view their stats and pictures.

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