First Timers

"Will he finish what he has begun?"

Welcome to! A site preparing for the release of the new networkable games from Lucasarts, X-wing vs. Tie Fighter and Jedi Knight. Using these games, is planning on continuing the Star Wars experience by creating new levels, intertwining the games, using this site as a dynamic, interactive story base with you as the main character!

Below is a brief summary of each section available to you, explaining various aspects of and what to expect when you join. If this is your first time here, make sure you visit the Jedi Holocron. Visit each area, learn what you can and join.

Jedi Holocron

Gaze into this cube and listen to what Boda Baas the anicient Jedi Master has to tell you. He will reveal what to expect when joining and how you should act.


Sometimes only seeing is believing. Take a sneak peak at what has to offer its members.

Original Episodes

This is what makes so unique. We are currently working on stories that will utilize both games to play, the outcome of each game will set up the scenarios for the next ones.

Cast of Characters

The good the bad and the ugly. All players and a few non-player characters are listed here.

Valley of Links

Down in the valley, you will find some execellent StarWars sites

Sith Sayings

Hear the dark comments that others have to say and leave your some of your own.

Let us make one final thing clear, our overall intention is for everyone to have fun! If it is not for you or if you have ideas that could make this place better, let us know so that we can make it so! We live for your enjoyment, so enjoy! And remember...


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