Online Interaction

"Always in motion is the future..."

Along with the new levels and missions for the games, offers interactive online cut-scenes, adding another level of depth to the games. Through these sites you will learn the underlying stories of the Episodes.

Key Information

On many sites you will obtain information concerning the current news on the Episode you are playing. There are libraries to obtain data, bars to gather local gossip, commanders and fellow comrades to talk with. When you come across someone or something who has a bit to tell, they will tell you a small bit of information and the you will have a list of questions you can ask. Ask them all to receive as much information as possible. It can be helpfull later on in the Episode.

Key Characters

At times, you will come across key characters that are important to the story and your life. The questions and responses the you choose when interacting with these characters will be very important. These questions will not be a list, but will rather be dependent on the previous questions, eventually leading to a positive, negative or neutral response. Negative responses to the wrong person could have you transfered to the Derleg Mines while the right answers to the right people might point you towards a special bonus mission to download, available only to special players.

Site Navigation

Every area has many ways to navigate through them. On ships, there are maps to take you to various areas such as the medical center, docking bay or officer's lounge. Planets have taxi routes, etc. Sometimes, depending on how your story goes, there will be areas pone when they weren't before, so stay alert.

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