"...you've taken your first step into a larger world."

Jedi Wars has arrived! Using the new networkable StarWars games from Lucasarts, jediwars.com is offering to all players and fans a place to meet and play. We will be adding to the depth and beauty of the games by providing new, original maps and scenarios. With different storylines to follow, members of jediwars.com will forever be playing an ongoing game!

First Timers Look here! This will show you what to expect from this site and how to join up!
Jedi Holocrom Tells all who look into it what to expect when becoming a member of jediwars.com
Original Episodes Take players to a different level of play with completely original games, using this site as the playback cut-scenes.
Valley of Links Not having time to detail out the games, this is a listing of great links for your convenience.

Offering these free services to StarWars fans world wide, jediwars.com is hoping to make this site one of the most popular of any gaming site out there, giving a feel of delving deep into the StarWars universe, as you will see when you join.

Let us make one final thing clear, our overall intention is for everyone to have fun! If it is not for you or if you have ideas that could make this place better, let us know so that we can make it so! We live for your enjoyment, so enjoy! And remember...