is striving to enrich your Star Wars game play with new, creative storylines presented as Episodes. Following the tradition of Lucasarts games, Episodes will involve an origional story and a new objective to obtain, spanning over many sessions of play. No more repetitious gaming, each Episode will be new a present a fresh storyline. Battles on will not be a simple kill 'em all blood bath but will include the need for teamwork and strategy. It won't matter if you happen to be fighting with or against the best player, if their objectives are not reached, they will lose the game. And in Episodes, where one might win the battle, they may not nesecarily win the war.

Episodes will be presented on an opening page with its title, episode number, and a brief prelude, setting up the plot for everybody, regardless of thier faction. Details concerning individual players, such as playing times, missions, and what-not, can be found at the various orginization sites. Following the story will be listed what is necissary to download in order to play these Episodes. Origional scenes and settings will be created by the developers of specifically for these Episodes. And finally, after each session of play concludes within an Episode, there will be a synapsis of what transpired and who was victorious.

The first few Episodes will be unfortunately Naval Space Battles as Lucasarts releases X-wing vs. Tie-Fighter. When Jedi Knigh:Dark Forces II finally hits the public, Episodes will encompass many sessions of both Space and Land battles, in all sorts of settings, with the later sessions of play in an Episode depending on how the earlier ones were resolved. And again, even though your teams may win one session or two, they can still lose all together the Episode.

All in all, Episodes are just another way for us to have fun, giving us an objective to aim for in our game playing.

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